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My name is Taylor, and I’m going to write this in first person. It feels more authentic than trying to come up with one of those professional-sounding artist bios. ūüôā

I feel lucky to live in Asheville, a¬†stunning¬†part of North Carolina where many of these mandalas came from. I am a full time professional photographer and filmmaker – you can see some of my work in that realm on my professional site here:¬†www.TaylorClarkJohnson.com¬†If you’d like to learn more, feel free to¬†keep reading. If not:¬†click here to go back to the mandala gallery.

I have been drawn to geometric patterns just about as long as I can remember being alive. You could say that circles are in my blood… My grandmother Phyllis Stevens has been a professional artist for decades, and many of her pieces have been focused on circles.¬†Here is one of her pieces:

Phyllis Stevens Art - "Red Rings" 18x18" (Oil & Gold Leaf)

“Red Rings” by Phyllis Stevens – Oil & Gold Leaf, 18×18″

You can view more of my grandmother’s circle paintings by visiting her website: www.phyllisstevens.org

My mother Karen Fisher is a potter – she makes beautiful bowls, cups, plates, candlesticks and all sorts of other creations.¬†It seems that my grandmother’s infatuation with circles and geometry moved through my mother as well. Here is one of Karen’s pieces:

Karen Fisher Pottery - Mandala Plate

“Lotus Plate” by Karen Fisher – Clay & Glaze, 10″

You can view more of my mother’s¬†circle paintings by visiting her website:¬†www.karenfisherpottery.com

My father Stuart Johnson is a talented builder, who has spent the better part of his professional life designing and building custom kitchens and bathrooms. I have no doubt that his creative and geometrically inspired life have impacted my path greatly. He doesn’t have a website to show his work, I have no pictures of his work to share and may not ever build¬†a website… but I can still share a photo of him and my sister Katherine here:

Stuart and Katherine Johnson

My sister’s¬†grad school graduation (MBA)¬†with my dad.


Again, ¬†if you’d like to learn more, please read¬†on… If not:¬†click here to go back to the mandala gallery.


I have been photographing random objects since grade school. To me¬†it’s almost unbelievable how beautiful our world¬†is, and I feel compelled to photograph it all the time… or at least gaze into it.

My journey with mandalas began when I lived at Kalani Oceanside Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii back in 2006. ¬†It all started when¬†I accidentally mirrored a part of a photograph I took –¬†I fell in love instantly, and I started experimenting with all of my photos. Here is one of the first photos I experimented with:

big island, hawaii, mandala, contemplative art, nature art, mirror photo

Pathway at Kalani Oceanside Retreat


This is a good point to transition into talking about the mandalas. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I am grateful for your presence! To keep reading, please visit the “About the Mandalas” page by clicking here. ¬†¬†

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Lava Mandala – Big Island, Hawaii