About the Mandalas

Each mandala begins as a single photograph of Nature.


Contemplative art, taylor taz johnson, nature mandalas, lava art, lava mandala
Fresh Lava – The Big Island, Hawaii – 2007


That photograph comes from a feeling… I feel a powerful presence that courses through every single thing in existence, including you and me. I don’t know what to call it, but I feel it intensely – especially when I am surrounded by Nature. I feel it as a warm, incredibly powerful and sustaining presence, and it is that presence that provides the inspiration for these mandalas.


I start by going out into nature to find what I want to photograph, I spend some time with it, and once I am able to access a feeling of deep connection, I’ll photograph it in natural light, without altering the scene in any way. A few times it has taken up to a hundred photographs of a certain object for me to get the perfect image to work with to create a mandala. I don’t change the color or content of the photograph because it’s important to me to keep the original integrity of what I have photographed. It’s important to me that it’s 100% real.


Once I get that photograph, I’ll begin to play with it by moving parts of the image around with what I call digital mirrors. The image below is the same photograph of lava from above, with the addition of a “mirror” in the center of the image.


lava mandala, contemplative art, taylor taz johnson, psychedelic art, nature mandala
This is with one “mirror” – imagine what 20+ “mirrors” could do…


In some ways I don’t feel that I am creating anything new. I simply photograph what is already present in nature, and re-shape that photograph into a mandala that represents the deeper life presence that I feel is within everything. I believe that it IS everything. It is within you and me too…


It is my hope that these mandalas serve as reminders of the beauty and power of that deeper life energy. It’s always there… even in moments of life that are challenging and painful. I hope that these mandalas inspire you to take a moment to breathe deeply… to contemplate life and to maybe even feel that you are that energy too. Thank you for your presence in this moment.



Contemplative Art, Sacred Art, Nature Spirit, Nature Mandala, Sacred Geometry ArtLava Mandala – Big Island, Hawaii 

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