Amethyst Mandala 3

Amethyst Mandala 3

Created from an up-close photograph of a vibrant Amethyst crystal illuminated by direct sunlight. When I held this Amethyst crystal at just the right angle, it refracted the sun into a brilliant rainbow pattern that exploded from the deep purples in a truly magnificent way. Click here if you would like to purchase this mandala. Soon there will be a video on this website showing the creation process of this crystal. (by January 2017)

I love to create mandalas specifically for people (commissions), so if you have any inspiring crystals that you would like me to create a mandala of, please feel free to contact me! It would be an honor and a joy. Thank you. 🙂

Here are the two other mandalas I created from different photographs of the same amethyst crystal:

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December 3, 2016